Who's using the Eclipse IDE Plugin?


I’m looking for other developers using the plugin who want to discuss effectiveness and features they’d like to see added to it.

For starters - Has anybody seen the plugin have the ability to provide context suggestions for types based on grammar/type-system elements? I’m referring to Java-esque functionality to bring back types when I’m trying to mix or limit the types shown to those that are extendable when trying to extend a type.

Also - it appears that the type navigation (ctrl-click,f3, etc) may only be available in online mode. This is proving to be a challenge for me, curious if I’m alone with this experience or if others are seeing this also.



I’m experiencing this as well. I think type navigation in offline mode has not been supported yet.



@clowtown Yes, currently most features such as navigation, syntax checking and search are not supported in offline mode but will be in the near future (likely next release). Also, in the next release there will be a revamp of the autocompletion system to be more robust and to better handle edge cases like the one you mentioned.

Any and all feedback is welcome. Please send them our way by emailing tony.li@c3iot.ai or shyam.maniyedath@c3iot.ai



Thanks Tony - I’ll be sending some notes your way that I had collected.