Where can I find Documentation for DateTime methods?

I am trying to find similar methods to ‘plusDays()’. But this method does not seem to be on the DateTime type. Where can I find it and similar methods?

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Check out the C3 JavaScript Type System documentation at https://<environment_url>/static/jsduck/index.html, which is accessible from the C3 Console > Help > Documentation > JS

Here you can find documentation for the DateTime helper, as well as Filter (C3.util.Filter), C3.typesys.*, and helper functions like c3Context and c3ImportAll.


@matt @seth.horrigan
Where did the JS documentation get to? I was just looking for Filter documentation and it seems to have moved.

c3ShowType(Filter) :slight_smile:

In 7.9, it’s a real type now! :tada:


Awesome, thank you Matt,

How about in 7.8?

Update: The above url that Matt posted still works in 7.8. It can be pasted directly into the browser url and retrieved. There is no longer a link from the documentation UI portal, however.