What is the purpose of the schema name?


What is the purpose of the schema name?


The schema name specifies the name of the table created in a database


Follow-up question:

A stored calc array field also requires schema name. For example,

fieldA: [ typeB ] stored calc ‘arrayOfTypeB’ schema name ‘XYZ’

Does this create a table (‘XYZ’) to store an array of typeB data, and fieldA stores a pointer to the table ‘XYZ’?


To be precise, the schema name specifies the Postgres table name suffix (there is a prefix for all C3 tables) or the Cassandra column family name.


Field level schema name are required for collection (map, array) fields. This applies to regular fields:
scoreNames: [string] schema name ‘SCNM’

or calc fields:
stockSeries: [StockSeries] stored calc “stockTicker.stockSeries” schema name “STOCKS”

Array/Map fields result in a table being created to (i.e. C3Prefix_STOCKS) to store the values associated with agiven row in type XYZ.