What is the purpose of ACE-AnalyticGroups in TenantConfig?


What data should this record contain?
What is the impact if one of your provisioned analytics is not listed in this record?


Useful TenantConfig keys

@see AnalyticContainer
config to define the grouped analytic mapping as json value.

  •  {
  •    "ami": "AMIMeterHealthAP",
  •    "revpro": [ "RevenueOpportunityAP", "RevenueOpportunitySC" ],
  •    "other": "*"
  •  }

This is a hint to Invalidation and Analytic engines to see which analytics to be triggered and other downstream analytics for an analytic. This will reduce over invalidations.
When an invalidation happens due to data change, effected analytic and time range for the source is determined and an AnalyticsQueue entry for the source is made with the information of analytic group the analytic belongs to. When AnalyticQueue is processed, it will use that group info in the context to only trigger those analytics. In the absence of this config, all analytics will be triggered when the source is effected. If there is an entry for config and an analytic is not listed in any group, it will not trigger.