What is normalized.data."field"


for the mph field what does “normalized.data.mph” mean, when feeding into metrics?


the normalized.data._ means that the specific treatment for that field has been applied to the raw data.


Can across this post and thought I’d add some additional explanation.

Treatment, is a term we use to describe how we want to handle data as the platform converts time series data from one interval to another.

For example, suppose that temperature data is originally collected on a per minute interval.

If we want to look at the same data at an hourly interval, what value should be used for each hourly data point (should we use one of the 60 per hour, or calculate something) ?

In some cases, we may want to use the average of all temperature values over an hour. In another case, perhaps we’ll use the MAX value among 60 data points per hour because we’re interested in spikes in temperature. This choice of how we should handle data as we change from one interval to another is called treatment.

For more information on the types of treatment we support, use c3ShowType(Treatment)