What are the runtimes available for python?


I know javascript has ‘server’, ‘client’ and ‘all’. Does python have the same too?


To answer this question for any tag you can run the command: MetadataStore.tag().runtimes().
You can specify new runtimes by adding a ‘runtimes’ field to your package.json, for the format, see the runtimes field of the MetadataPackage type.


Right now python actions only run in server.

Runtimes can be defined inside package.json and annotated on type method declaration like:

predict: function(dataset: Dataset): Dataset


MetadataStore.tag().runtimes() doesn’t seem to return the “js” runtimes. Are “js-server” etc. always available?


js runtimes are magic and predate the user defined runtimes (by like 6 years). Currently it is a known “bug” that the js runtimes are not returned by the api provided above. Yes, they are always available.


The following also works


Just wanted to clarify that if you type c3ShowFunc(CondaActionRuntime, "requirementsFilesForLanguage"), you’ll see in the documentation that c3Grid(CondaActionRuntime.requirementsFilesForLanguage("Python")) only works for Python and R right now.