What are BaselineModel and BaselineModelInvalidator?


Could someone please give examples for their utility ?
I find thousands of actions pending in our cluster. With the following context:

* metricGroup: BaselineModelInvalidator
* start: 2019-04-25T02:26:00.000Z
* end: 2019-04-25T02:41:00.000Z

Doc says:

A baseline consumption model for a given FixedAsset and eventDate. The Analytic BaselineModelInvalidator will flag invalidity on this model.

But I couldn’t get a grasp, really.

Many thanks.


Are you using an EnergyManagement/Enterprise package ?

If you are using it and have a UI, you can usually see it in the Facility page in the tab “Whole Building Analysis”. If you then click on “Baseline period” button on top right you can select a period to see the baseline for each consumption metric.

For a source, it evaluate the baseline consumption based on the trained machine learning model.
If a baseline model does not exist, we train on the spot and persist the model. (so it can be trained each time someone plays with the UI, or call the baseline metric)

I hope it answers your question,