V7.8 - Allowing Developer to Access All of a Type's Records


When upgrading to v7.8, one of the bigger differences is that C3.Group.Developer does not allow me (let’s say I only have Developer access) to see all the records on the AdminGroups, Roles, and User types when I do a Type.fetch() on those three. Previously, having DeveloperGroup allowed me to view these records, and my use case is that all Developers still need access to see all the records of those types (maybe others).

What is the recommended workaround / permission addition(s) to allow this?



Security model changed in 7.8, only cluster admins can view those types. You need to go through OPs.



That approach is not viable.
Clients need to access to those data.



DeveloperRole should be able to see all the Member data (Roles, Groups, Users) in his tag. If he is unable to do so, this is a bug.

Can you send me a piece of code and expected vs actual output so i can confirm my understanding of the issue before i file it?