Using UIHelper.momentHelper returns error when used in Type method


I’m trying to use UIHelper within a function on a Type to pre-populate some things for UI conditionally based on calc fields. However the following returns an error in static/console and also when my method is invoked:

UIHelper.momentHelper(new Date(), 'MM/DD/YYYY h:mm a')
Uncaught ReferenceError: moment is not defined
    at Object.momentHelper

I’m assuming it doesn’t have access to Moment.js? Is this error intentional or expected? When run from console on a UI page, it returns correctly. Is there a similar type/function I can use server side that would accomplish the same thing?

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That error is expected. All the methods on UIHelper are js client, and this method in particular requires a 3rd party library (moment.js) that is not available in the C3 Console, but only as part of a C3 UI Framework-based client-side application. JavaScript runtimes, until very recently, were restricted to server and client, when in reality there are multiple types of client-side runtimes. Going forward, the runtime requirement for these methods will be clarified as we will declare a specific JavaScript runtime for C3 UI Framework-based applications.


Ok I figured so.

So the reason I’m trying to leverage this is because I’m prebuilding some html responses in calc fields per:

What would be the best method to get this sort of functionality?


To achieve this functionality server-side, I recommend doing:"MM/dd/yyyy h:mm");

Not sure how to format the AM/PM though.
But as an aside, be careful about forcing a specific date format that is not locale-aware.