Using Timeseries.fromObjStream


I’m having some issues with using Timeseries.fromObjStream Here’s what I’m calling:

 var stream = MyFileTimedDataPoint.fetchObjStream({
    filter: Filter.eq('', parentId),
    limit: -1,
    timeRange: {
      start: spec.start,
      end: spec.end

  var tsEvalOptions = TSEvalOptions.make({
    start: spec.start,
    end: spec.end,
    interval: spec.interval

  var timeseriesSpec = AsTimeseriesSpec.make({
    treatment: treatment,
    startPath: "start",
    valuePath: "value"

c3Viz(Timeseries.fromObjStream(stream, tsEvalOptions, timeseriesSpec))

I get the following error when running this code:

Error: Expecting specific type for fields with ‘any’, ‘anyof’ or ‘Obj’ type at JSON document at 1:21 at new C3.client.ActionError (http://localhost:8080/typesys/1/all.js?env=browser&compat:1130:13) at Object.request (http://localhost:8080/typesys/1/all.js?env=browser&compat:882:15) at (http://localhost:8080/typesys/1/all.js?env=browser&compat:567:27) at c3Call (http://localhost:8080/typesys/1/all.js?env=browser&compat:100:20) at Object._call (http://localhost:8080/typesys/1/all.js?env=browser&compat:2764:20) at Object.eval (eval at get (http://localhost:8080/typesys/1/all.js?env=browser&compat:3177:20), <anonymous>:5:15) at <anonymous>:1:12

Everything works fine when calling collect() on the stream and using fromObjs() though:

  ObjArry.make({ value: stream.collect() }),

Is there something I’m missing when using Timeseries.fromObjStream?


This seems like it should work. It would help if we can get the actual stack trace from splunk for this. From the surface, it seems like there is a field with value type any, anyof or Obj but it has not been serialized correctly.