Using Base64 util in transform expression


We are getting data in cp1252 encoding and it fails to store in the platform. So we are attempting to encode/decode (with loss) to UTF8 for the time being. This expression in the transform provisions, but upon testing a transform I get the following exception. I understand Base64 isn’t part of the expression engine, but I’m not finding any other information on how to code this as part of a non-javascript transform. Is this possible or do I have to do this in a js transform?

companyName : ~ expression "Base64.decodeString(Base64.encodeString(COMPANY_NAME,'Cp1252'),'UTF8')"


in the transform expression you can only call functions defined in the ExpressionEngineFunction type. So in your case unfortunately there is no encoding/decoding related function.


I’m going to pursue a beforeCreate so as to keep the transforms in native manner, but treat this field in a beforeCreate separately.


There is a feature in the works to allow calling arbitrary type system functions in expressions but its not ready yet. Stay Tuned!