User assigned to a Role not able to fetch the type at all

I have defined this Role:

"id": "MyRole_Role",
	"name": "MyRole_Role",
	"actionConditions":["MyType:read: :( CountryKey=='BR')"]

and this AdmingGroup

"name": "MyGroup",
	"id": "MyGroup",
	"roles": [{"id" : "MyRole_Role"}]

I have then assigned an user to the above admin group but when run the below command the api returns denied and no actionConditions are present in the result of the command



Note this is a non persistable type where the fetch function has been implemented and within the fetch it is called the HttpInvoker to invoke OData rest API

Any idea what is going on?

Moreover If I run


I have the following error

AdminGroup GlAfcBw4HanaGroup not found in Tenant MyTenant, Tag c3

If this is not a persistable type, you will need to add your fetch action to the read actionGroup (add the annotation @action(group=read). Otherwise the platform doesn’t know that your fetch belongs to the read action group. Also note that actionConditions will only work for persistable types.