Upsetting MeasurementSeries


I have loaded a bunch PointPhysicalMeasurmentSeries (approx. 450.000) Sometime later DS team wants to change treatment and grain for all of the series. Everything works fine with the updates but I get an error code (see attached screen shot) saying that the unitConstraint can only be set once. I can understand the background as the normalized data has the units stored, but is there a way to handle this without wiping out all series and reloading them from scratch ?


Do you actually need to make changes to unitConstraint? If not, you may want to leverage mergeAll() API to make updates to specific fields without the need to load a file.


@Kemal - I believe this is coming from our base package, but I agree this should not be write once. You should file a ticket

@rileysiebel @maggie This is set in the apps data model and seems like this should not be (writeOnce=true)


Yes there are minor changes to the units also. I had to work around it by removing all series and reloading due to time constraints, which was pretty quick. But I lost all the stats from MeasurementStats MR Job which takes forever to calculate.


if you have n improvement request please file a ticket