Univocal extraction operator?


Can i extract aggregate operator from simple metric (SUM, AVG, … etc) ?

I try to explain : i have SUM(AVG(… as SPACE AGGR(TIME AGGR in generic simple metric expression. There is an operator for extract these aggregate operators in univocal mode.

The 2nd qst: if i have a metric as expression:“if(Temperature<5)?5:Temperature” how the system aggregate values ?
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  1. the aggregation function to use depends on your measurement data. You should analyze your type and decide, e.g. it makes sense to sum over consumption but for temperature measurements it does not.

  2. The aggregation depends on the treatment (check the Treatment type) you have chosen:

  • for your measurement series (e.g. PointPhysicalMeasurementSeries) through the treatment field
  • or for your measurements (e.g. PointMeasurement) with @ts(treatment=...).

Also, your metric should be something like Temperature < 5 ? 5 : Temperature.

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my qst is if is there a func (method) that to take input the name of simple metric and the output is the time aggregator.
but i think it depends by data and type analysis.
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There is no such a function, but you can create one for your metrics using MetricFunctionLibrary