Unit of measurements in Observation


What are the units of measurements in Observation for

temperature: 77
dewPoint: 62
relativeHumidity: 60
surfaceAirPressure: 27.99
precipitation: 0
windSpeed: 0
windDirection: 0
day: 0
forecast: 0
horizontalVisibility: 10
windGustSpeed: 0
snow: 0
precipitationTotal: 0
pressureTendency: 0

I tried to look in the header WeatherStation but nothing!


This seems to give the metrics where the observation data are used, with the corresponding units:



To know the specific measurement unit of one field, then use (e.g. for 'snow'):

filterStr = Filter.eq("srcType.typeName", 'WeatherAware').and.contains('expression', 'snow')
c3Grid(SimpleMetric.fetch({filter: filterStr}))