Unable to create Jasmine TestAPI context

Hi all,

I’m getting the following error when I try to setup my jasmine TestAPI context:

“test_ChInRevproMeActiveEnergy setup”: 0 passed, 1 failed
1: ActionError: Failed to connect to Tibco Server tcp://dev-uvdl-tibco-01.uvdl-devqa.enelint.global:17232

Here’s my code:

var filename = “test_ChInRevproMeActiveEnergy”;
describe(filename, function() {
it(“setup”, function() {
this.context = TestApi.createContext(filename);

What’s wrong with it?

Many thanks in advance, cheers

Are you able to run that snippet in the console without issue?

No, I get the same error: “Failed to connect to Tibco Server tcp://dev-uvdl-tibco-01.uvdl-devqa.enelint.global:17232”

@lamarof It looks like your environment doesn’t have a Tibco server configured so you will need to check with Ops.

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