UIConfig connection

Which is the role of timeoutTime into “connection” within UIConfig? from documentation there is The timeout setting for ajax.
Which is the effect when this expires?


The role of cache?
Can those parameters affect performance?

UINetworkConnection.timeoutTime is the time after which an XHR request will be determined to have “timed out”—the client will stop waiting for the server to respond and will return an error response to the caller. The effect will be the same as if an exception had happened in the server-side code, but obviously with a different error message (e.g. “request timed out”). No effect on performance.

UINetworkConnection.cache indicates that the default behavior is to cache responses from network requests client-side and to returned cached results for requests with identical arguments. This can also be configured for each data source to further customize this behavior. Affects performance in the way you’d expect.

So, would we want to increase UINetworkConnection.timeoutTime for components that have long-running metrics, for example?

Sure, that would be a good use case for a longer timeoutTime.