Two fetch calls also if datasource has one


I see many times on UI that for given datasource are performed 2 fetch calls - one with the parameter defined in the datasource instead the other one with only the include “id” and same filter as the datasource - I guess the second one is used to display the count of element into the kendo grid…
My question is can I change this second fetch ?
I see that sometimes given the same filter the second fetch has different count number of returned record - this is misleading our customer that is opening many tickets about this


The second fetch is done for the grid pagination, so it knows how many pages will be in the data. That’s why it has a different count of records returned. AFAIK there is not a way to change that, unless the grid does not have pagination configured.


It is very weird that also if pagination is there and expect to show 25 records for page then if I have a few records returned ( less then 10 for example ) for both calls the number of records shown in the grid is different from number in the kendo count


Is it possible for you to post a screenshot of the console output, showing the two fetches and what they return?


Are there any duplicates?