Trying to recover from errors in theMapReduceQueue


I’ve a test for a map-reduce job, it runs successfully but in the output I see a strange error:

Trying to recover from errors in theMapReduceQueue. Try 1

Here is the full test runner output:

Running tests to 'http://environment' on tenant 'mytenant' and tag 'dev'
Using username myuser for authentication
Authentication token: 
cannot determine help documentation files from manifest.json
c3-tester: client set up in 1.472s
done importing (/typesys/1/mytenant/dev/all.json?env=node 4.1s)
Executing test: myapp/mytenant/test/jasmine/test_MeasurementCleaningJob.js
Trying to recover from errors in theMapReduceQueue. Try 1

4 specs, 0 failures
Finished in 56.454 seconds

After the tests finish:

  • I checked the queues with InvalidationQueue.countAll() they are all empty.
  • I checked the errors with InvalidationQueueError.fetch() or c3QErrs(MapReduceQueue) returns nothing

In my tests I start the job then wait for the queues to drain:

var job = MyMapReduceJob.startJob();
TestApi.waitForSetup(ctx, null, 1, 30);

Any idea why this error show’s up?


@bachr Are you sure the job completed successfully? I’m wondering if there was an error but the tester deletes it before you are checking. If it really did complete successfully, then this would be a question for someone in apps that knows about that message.


@trothwein in the test I kick a MapReduce job then wait for queues with waitForSetup then when checking my job output I see correct results this is why I assume the job finished successfully!


@rileysiebel Any idea why the job would appear to be completing successful but that message comes out? Anyone in apps that you can think of that might know?

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