Trying to order by multiple fields


I want to order by timestamp. But if the timestamps are the same, I want to order by another value i.e. version number. Is this possible?

I’m expecting something like @db(order=‘descending(toUTC(timestamp)), descending(verNum)’)

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yes it is possible, and the way you are expecting the definition is correct.



From FetchSpec.c3typ


  • Specifies the order to return Objs. Default if not specified is by “id”.
  • Supports multiple fields (e.g. “field1, field2”) and descending order per field (e.g. “field1, descending(field2)”).
  • If {@link limit} is set to -1, and order is specified as “”, then no order will be applied at the database.
  • This should only be done if its impact is fully understood as it may help performance in some cases and hurt it in
  • others. If you aren’t sure, DON’T USE IT.
    order: long string


Also, you no longer need to use “toUTC”. That was required in Oracle based on the way we indexed timestamps but is a no-op in Postgres