TimedValueHistory vs. TimedDataPoint


What’s the difference between TimedValueHistory and TimedDataPoint? They seem to be incredibly similar.


TimedDataHeader should only be used if you want timeseries to be normalized. In this case you should add the annotation @ts on each field you want to normalize.

If you want to simply represent a timed relation you should mixin either TimedIntervalValueHistory or TimedValueHistory


Another follow-up question: What is the difference between TimedDataPoint and TimeseriesDataPoint?

Thank you


TimedDataPoint should be used to record “Point In Time” values. E.g. temperature reads happen at a particular instant in time, so there is a particular timestamp associated when the read was taken. There is not natural “end” date for it. Using “start” & “end” date values to define the period of for which the temperature reading was valid would not be natural. In these scenarios use TimedDataPoint which only has a “start” datetime but NOT an “end” date.

Similarly, when recording electricity bills, you know the exact time period for which the bill is, in this case there is a “start” date and an “end” date for the bill. In these cases uses TimeseriesDataPoint