TimedValue Field Refresh


For a TimedValue field that has its value derived from the corresponding TimedValuedHistory field on the same ParentType:

How does the refreshing of the timedValue field on the ParentType get processed? Does it go intot the CalcFieldQueue? Or another queue?

I ask because I would like to prioritize/force the refresh of the field after removing a lot of rows from the TimedValueHistory table. How can I guarantee that this has happened before kicking off downstream analytics.


If you remove entries from the history type, it will put entries in the CalcFieldsQueue to refresh the stored single value of the “latest” for each affected parent. I’m not sure how that relates to the second part of your question though. You could pause the CalcFieldsQueue I suppose until you are finished removing the history objs.


Excellent, thank you, Tom. So a ParentType.refreshCalcFields(<>) will force the refreshing of the TimedValue field.

And any changes in the TimedValueHistory will put entries in the CalcFieldsQueue.

You have answered both parts of my question.