Test coverage reports


Does the platform provide a coverage report system when doing jasmine tests?
Moreover, is it possible to do the same for metrics?

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Wow Great Question!

Currently we are testing a coverage report feature that we are using internally. It will be provided soon.

The feature for “code-coverage” for metrics is something i’ve been trying to figure out for a long time and would love to hear ideas! Most code coverage tools do “line-by-line” or “statement-by-statement” coverage but metrics don’t have lines or statements.

Are you aware of any techniques for code coverage for such objects?




Once you have the AST, you can go into details according to the meaning.

BTW, full code coverage can only find errors by commision, not by omission.



For instance you may want cover:

  • for compound metrics, all dependencies and the conditional flow,
  • for simple metrics, the conditional flow and hitting the expression functions.


I’ve been looking at tools like these: https://wiki.haskell.org/Haskell_program_coverage



OK thanks @rileysiebel, I hope we can get a coverage tool soon at least for JavaScript/Python code.
For the metrics part, I think metrics could be considered as a functional program (like Scala or Haskell as you mentioned) and the coverage could be reported for statements (any function expression engine function or compound metric).
I have found this article that speaks about the coverage for Scala: