Tab delimited CSV


I have a tab delimited csv canonical file ( with no header ) that I’m trying to import with a new canonical transform - i’ve set the

but looks like it is not recognized - i’m working on 7.6.1 and getting an error like errorMsg: Invalid value path ‘company <*>supplyPoint servicePoint cfinca pointMeasurement externalId cparmed meter region version typeAsset’ at 9 for type

which is the right delimiter to set in the csvDelimiter and csvHeader?


I think the right annotation is @dataLoad(defaultCsvDelimiter=’\t’)


looks like does not work with ‘\t’
I have also set this annotation including the tab @canonicalLegacy(csvHeader=‘company\tsupplyPoint\tservicePoint\tcfinca\tpointMeasurement\texternalId\tcparmed\tmeter\tregion\tversion\ttypeAsset’)


Was this ever resolved?
What’s the way to import a .csv with no headers?