Tab delimited CSV


I have a tab delimited csv canonical file ( with no header ) that I’m trying to import with a new canonical transform - i’ve set the

but looks like it is not recognized - i’m working on 7.6.1 and getting an error like errorMsg: Invalid value path ‘company <*>supplyPoint servicePoint cfinca pointMeasurement externalId cparmed meter region version typeAsset’ at 9 for type

which is the right delimiter to set in the csvDelimiter and csvHeader?


I think the right annotation is @dataLoad(defaultCsvDelimiter=’\t’)


looks like does not work with ‘\t’
I have also set this annotation including the tab @canonicalLegacy(csvHeader=‘company\tsupplyPoint\tservicePoint\tcfinca\tpointMeasurement\texternalId\tcparmed\tmeter\tregion\tversion\ttypeAsset’)


Was this ever resolved?
What’s the way to import a .csv with no headers?


I was advised that the actual correct annotation is:


and this is known to be working if the storage type for the source files is S3 (and presumably, AzureBlobs)

I’m just posting here in case this helps someone. In my case, I was not able to use this because I’m using local storage… so cannot confirm personally that it absolutely works. By my source of info assures me that it does :wink: