Stored calcs and TimedIntervalRelation in metric paths?


When evaluating metrics with TimedIntervalRelation in the path, it should return null for time intervals outside of the relation period. What if there is a stored calc for the part of the path that has a TimedIntervalRelation, what is expected behavior?


entity type BillingAccount {
  serviceAgreements: [ServiceAgreement](account)
  services: [Service] stored calc '' schema name 'SVC'

entity type ServiceAgreement mixes TimedIntervalValueHistory<BillingAccount> schema name 'BILL_SVCAGR' {

  account: BillingAccount stored calc 'parent'

  services: [Service](from)

entity type Service  TimedIntervalRelation<ServiceAgreement, ServicePoint> schema name 'BILL_SVC' {
  serviceAgreement: ServiceAgreement stored calc 'from'

  servicePoint: ServicePoint stored calc 'to'

And my metric has a definition:

  "id" : "ElectricityConsumptionInterval_BillingAccount",
  "srcType" : "BillingAccount",
  "path" : "services.servicePoint.measurements.( == 'electricity')",
  "expression" : "sum(sum("

No results are being filtered out because the path goes to services, the stored calc field, directly without traversing on BillingAccount.

What is expected behavior?