Stored calc field referencing fkey field not returning on extending type


I have the following types:

extendable entity type TypeA schema name "TYPA" {
  field1: string
  fkeyResults: [TypeC] (field1,field2)
  storedCalcField: [string] stored calc "unique(fkeyResults.someField.someField)" schema suffix "SCF"

entity type TypeB extends Type A type key "TYPB" {
  hasOtherFields: string

fkeyResults populates for TypeA and TypeB, but storedCalcField is empty on TypeB, even with refreshCalcFields set in the fetch
If I TypeB.eval({projection: “unique(fkeyResults.someField.someField)”}), I get results as well

Is this a bug? Or is the way I’m storing this calc field producing expected results?


it is normal that fkeyResults is populated for TypeB if your TypeC reference values for field1 that exists for objects with TypeB.
Can you try with just calc field, e.g.

calcField: [string] calc "unique(fkeyResults.someField.someField)"

I think the problem is due to the schema suffix in your stored calc field, not sure if it;'s required or not for arrays but can you try removing it for your field, e.g.

storedCalcField: [string] stored calc "unique(fkeyResults.someField.someField)"

Might be a typo in just this post, but I think this should be schema name instead of schema suffix


Yep, typo (edited in post)


@bachr a regular calc field returns correctly, so i think it has to do with how it’s stored
and schema suffix is required for a stored array field


@sean.summers This will require more investigation. Please file a ticket. I do have tests that approximate that but maybe there is a hole somewhere. Can you please include all relevant types (e.g. TypeC and whatever type fkeyResults.someField.someField is in.


Will do. Thanks @trothwein