Stored calc comparing different types attributes


is it possible into a stored calc compare with an attribute of another type?

type1 has a store calc of type2 that need to verify if type1.attributeX it is equal to type2.attributeX …

exampleAttribute [type2] stored calc " … && type1.attributeX==type2.attributeX …"

please note that type2.attributeX it is not a specific value
(type1.attributeX==‘006’) but I need to pass as parameter the type2.attributeX


Hey Marco,

I asssume you have a situation something like this:

type Type1 {
attributeX: string

type Type2 {
attributeX: string

you could only compare attributes of 2 different types if there is a link between them… i.e. Type1 would need a field to reference Type2, and a second field which is the stored calc:

type Type1 {

type2: Type2
theCalcField: string stored calc ‘type2.attributeX == attributeX ? “YES” : “NO”’


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