startDate in UIViewUsageAndEvents component


I want to have into a UIViewUsageAndEvents component a default startDate that is 6 hours in the past from now… I have tried the below syntax :

"startDate": {
            "referenceConfig": [
            "direction": "before",
            "number": 6,
            "unit": "hour"

but then when the page is being loaded then this error on console shows up

UIViewUsageAndEvents.js:5296 Uncaught TypeError: this.get(…).toISOString is not a function
at C3.typesys.Obj.getDataSourceDefinition (UIViewUsageAndEvents.js:5296)
at C3.typesys.Obj.eval (UIViewUsageAndEvents.js:3737)
at vendor.js:1
at (vendor.js:1)
at C3.typesys.Obj.setupSeriesDataSource (UIViewUsageAndEvents.js:3733)
at C3.typesys.Obj.onConsumptionChartRendered (UIViewUsageAndEvents.js:3814)
at h (vendor.js:33)
at C3.typesys.Obj.trigger (vendor.js:33)
at C3.typesys.Obj.render (UIViewChartConsumptionNew.js:909)
at C3.typesys.Obj.eval (UIViewUsageAndEvents.js:895)

is the syntax not correct?


Adding the following setting fixed the issue

dynamicDateRange: true