Start date to retrieve weather data


How can I configure the start date to retrieve weather data?


You do not specify the exact start date for weather data. You specify the number priors days you want to load data for. By default we will retrieve and store 761 days (25 months) of weather Observations.

If you want more or less, please work with your C3 Administrator to set the “MaxWeatherHistoryDays” TenantConfig in reference/prod. This value indicates the max historical data to be fetched. It will avoid unnecessary fetching of historical data. This value must be set before loading weather data. If data already exists for a WeatherStation, the WeatherDataUpdater will only load data from the last data point in time and will not honor MaxWeatherHistoryDays.

The WeatherData documentation topic provides a great overview of how weather data are loaded and how to enable weather data for your application.


Even after setting “MaxWeatherHistoryDays” to a large number in order to retrieve weather starting in 2009 I was only able to get weather data after May 2010. Is it possible that the weather data services do not keep more history?