Special character within the ID of a type


I have a case where for a PointPhisicalMeasuremntSeries looks like we have duplicated record ( I mean record with same ID). I guess there is some special characters within the ID that is not shown when you do a fetch on console and so as result of a fetch you have 2 records with same ID
ID1 …
ID1 …

Do you have any suggestion on how to figure out any special character within the ID?


I would recommend looking at the network tab and see what is returned by the server. It could be that if that special character is null represented by \u0000… it is being hidden by the UI.

If you are using chrome, click on debugger tools -> network tab -> look at the xhr request that was made for the action -> response


Thanks - I’m trying to fetch those record to remove them
c3Grid(Mytype.fetch({filter: “contains(id,’\u0000’)”,order:“id”, limit:20})) but I’m getting this error likely returned from postgress nvalid byte sequence for encoding “UTF8”: 0x00.
I belive anyway the hiddend character is a ‘ZERO WIDTH SPACE’


The special white space in the ID is the ones created using option+space with keyboard