SkyWalker.select2ByValue API


I have an issue with a skywalker test.
I’m getting an error in this call client.select2ByValue("#ControlCenterFilter select", 2);

Required argument missing for function Skywalker.select2ByValue: this.

The function definition foresees 3 args - function(this: Skywalker, selector: string, value: [string]): Skywalker

then if I add the the third args so client.select2ByValue(client,"#ControlCenterFilter select", 2);
I have an error “select2ByValue” on Skywalker takes 2 arguments

Any idea about the root cause of the above errors?
I’m running this on 7.8


Skywalker.select2ByValue is a member function, so you either have to call it as a member function with 2 arguments:

skywalkerInstance.select2ByValue(selector, [value]);

or as a static function with 3 arguments:

Skywalker.select2ByValue(skywalkerInstance, selector, [value]);

In your case, are you sure client is an instance of Skywalker?
And make sure the last argument is an array of strings.


Thanks for clarification- I think yes “client” is an instance of SkyWalker since declared as client = SkyWalker.init(…) and yes last argument is an array of strings


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