Simplest Way to Add "Spiderfier" functionality to UIViewMap?

Been dealing with a map that has overlapping data points. To remedy this, I think a “spiderfier” (e.g. animation that expands single stack of points for individual examination) would work, and a few of the base maps seem to have leveraged this functionality (see “UIViewAmiOpsCriticalMetersMap.c3typ” in c3base).

Would the process be as simple as mixing/remixing UIViewMap and adding a spiderfier function?

If so, where does one begin when making custom UI components (how do I know what needs to be written/overriden)? It seems that there’s a myriad of boilerplate/config logic necessary to set up a UIViewMap, but I couldn’t find any specific documentation for it.

– N

Yes, you should be able to just mix UIViewMap and add a marker clustering feature to it. You can make a new .c3typ file and a new .js file in the src/ui/ folder of your app, and just add whatever functionality you need to them to extend the base UIViewMap type.

Gotcha, have been working on that for a bit.

Do you know if we’re really using for spiderfier functionality? Couldn’t find a spiderfier in the Google Maps API documentation, but I’m also not sure how to verify where exactly we’re getting ours from.

UPDATE: Turns out we were using that spiderfier repo. All good now.