Set Azure credentials on 7.9

AzureConfig.setStorageCredentialsSecret() has disappeared on 7.9. What is the new api to use?

See AzureCredentials & AzureStorageCredentials

@NabilKoroghli What are you trying to do? Azure is not officially supported in 7.9. we are migrating an existing 7.8 project that uses an external Azure blob storage as data source (using parquet files).
I didn’t noticed that azure blob storage was not officially supported in the 7.9 release notes.
I have found the following and a bit tedious way to achieve this:

CloudResource.setCredentials(Azure.inst().configKey(), AzureCredentials.make({ storageCredentials: { accessKey: "THEKEY", accountName: "THEACCOUNT" }}), ConfigOverride.TAG);

@NabilKoroghli Azure is supported in 7.10 as I understand, so you may want to take that version (it is GA now).

@yaroslav we don’t want to use other azure feature than blobs.
The application is integrating parquet files from an external readonly azure blob storage by pulling files frequently and this is working correctly on 7.8
Are there regressions about this particular feature on 7.9?