Serially executed formatting functions -- KendoGrid


Is there a way to serially execute a set of formatting functions?

I have string values like “A0001_12312_1” and I want to take the value after the last “_” (1) and then prepend “ENG #” to that value. For example
"A0001_12312_1" --> "ENG #1"
"A0001_33331_4" --> "ENG #4"

I know that I can do the first operation with the strRightBack function:

"format": {
   "funk": "strRightBack",
   "args": ["_"]

But is there a way to then take that value and use it another formatting function?


Ok, so I have found the multiCall function, which seems to solve part of this problem. Now I just need a function that can prepend a string… I see appendString but that wont let me prepend anything… I guess I will have to use the roundWithString because that has a prepend option.