Save Queries from a FilterForm for user to reuse


I have generated a FilterForm component and was wondering if I can allow a user to save a certain set of filters from those available which they can reapply at any time as required?

If possible, what code is required and is there a limit on how many saved filters can be generated?


On FilterPanel component, there is an querySearch configuration that allows user to save filters and reuse them.
Set querySearch: true on the FilterPanel component.


I have two different pages with similar, but different filters. Currently when I use the querySearch option on true on each, the saved queries are shared across both pages. This seems like a bug. Is there a way to make these saved queries separate for each, or is it designed in a way that this is intended. Any way to make them unique sets of saved queries? The ID of the filterpanel is different on each page, and the filter itself is different too.


Right now, they are shared.

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