S3 Output Node: If I don't change the S3 Destination location, will previous files be overwritten?


Do you know if the S3 node in Ex Machina allows overwriting of files?

For example, if I was able to run a project that exports an S3 location: folder: “testFolder_1” and file: “Project_1”, and then I changed a few parameters and re-ran the project with the same S3 output name, would that file in the S3 bucket get overwritten?

Let me know when you get a chance, thanks.


If the S3 Folder destination Folder (Prefix) and file name are not changed, the files will be overwritten. You can do a quick test on this by limiting the number of rows in a report to 2, running the report to an S3 location, and then changing the number of rows to 4, and running the report again to the same location. I believe you should see an S3 set-up with 2 rows after run #1, and 4 rows after run #2. Give that a try, and let me know if you have any questions.