Repository.json dependencies

Hi, we’re having problems adding to our repository.json file a new dependency to another repo, built via C3 Jenkins.
According to the post Multiple repository.json dependencies our code seems correct, but the provisioning gives the error
{fileUrl:“allmeta://server/repository.json”,lineNum:0,colNum:0,severity:“ERROR”,message:"[Message] GlAfcBw4HanaRepo 0.1.1+61 doesn’t exist!"}”.

With the command PackageManager.fetchAppsBuilds() we can also see the list of the deployed packages for the new repo, so our tenant should have the permissions to access it.

Here our repository.json:
“name”: “GlPrEDASRepo”,
“version”: “1.3.0”,
“description”: “A repository for Procurement DH”,
“dependencies”: { “base”:“7.8.70+3”,“server”: “”, “GlAfcBw4HanaRepo”:“0.1.1+61” }

and package.json:
“name” : “GlPrEdas”,
“description” : “Enterprise Datawarehouse Aquisti”,
“author” : “Procurement DH”,
“dependencies” : [“GlPrEdasVers”, “GlAfcBw4HanaPr”],
“runtimes”: {
“py-pradvana”: {
“language”: “Python”,
“runtime”: “CPython”,
“connector”: “remote-types”,
“runtimeVersion”: “3.6”,
“repositories”: [”,
“modules”: {
“conda.pandas”: “=0.24.2”,
“conda.scikit-learn”: “=0.20.3”

Is our code correct? Do we need further configurations on our tenant?

Thank you

@abellifemine can you confirm that with
fetchAppbuilds() you see the repo/package you want to import?

@scottk this looks same issue you fixed for me a few days ago…can be permissions related?

@marcosordi yes, I can see different versions of the package I’m interested in…