Rename Columns from a C3 Evaluate Node


Is it possible to rename columns from the result set of a C3 Evaluate Node?

For example, if I wanted to get a count of Active Meters for all accounts, I would leverage the MeterAsset type and do a C3 Evaluate on it with a projection of count() and accountNumber, group by accountNumber.

I would obtain the result set and try to use the Column Rename node and it gives an error saying the columns aren’t defined (Existing column must exist). Is this intended or considered a bug in Ex Machina?



Hi Andrew-

It is possible to rename columns from a C3 Evaluate node, however at present there is a known issue where the name of the columns in the C3 Evaluate dataset show as (unlabeled) and we are working to update this behavior.

It seems this is slightly different, and possibly a result of the C3 Evaluate node not running properly.
Could you confirm the node returns the dataset you expect to see?


Hey Matt,

I found a workaround for this particular use case by using the Group By node on a C3 fetch and having the aggregation be a count distinct and grouping by account number.

I can confirm the dataset from the C3 Evaluate Node is what I expected. The column names as seen in the Evaluate Node result set are “count–” and “servicePoint-account-id”.