Removing SeedData, viewing hidden SeedData

When using the normal remove/removeAll apis on SeedData, it does not actually get removed. In order to do truly remove SeedData you need to use removeSeedData/removeSeedDataBatch

If you use the normal remove methods to clear your SeedData and try re-provisioning with -r, you will still not see the SeedData re-popoulated on that tag.

You can use the FetchSpec#fetchHiddenSeedData parameter to view SeedData that may have been removed with the standard apis:

    fetchHiddenSeedData: true

You can also recover SeedData that has been removed with standard apis using the unremove() method:

var sourceSystem = FileSourceSystem.fetch({
    fetchHiddenSeedData: true


If you use the removeSeedData/removeSeedDataBatch methods, however, the SeedData will truly be removed from the database (rather than hidden), so you cannot call unremove once that has been done. In this case, provisioning will re-populate the original SeedData declared in your package.

h/t @ColumbusL!

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