Removing 700k limit on # of records per measurement series on Cassandra


What needs to be toggled to remove the limit on number of measurements per series on Cassandra?



Currently normalization will only accumulate 4 * 24 * 365 * 20 = 15 minute interval for 20 years of “normalized data points” by default. If the number of “normalized” points is greater than 700800 points, an exception will be thrown indicating a potential flaw in the shape of the data.

You can remove this constraint by setting the TenantConfig : “MaxNormalizedPointsLimit”. You can set it to any “long” value. Remember this will apply to “normalized data points”. For e.g. if if you have just 2 points one in 1986 and the other in 2017 and if you ask the normalizer to normalize at 15 minute interval, it will hit this limit.

Be careful about setting this limit since it could cause an OutOfMemory exception if the machine cannot hold the number of data points in memory.



Works! Thanks Rohit :slight_smile:



This information can also be found under the “Normalization” documentation on server v7.3