Remove UIDataRecord/UIDataCollection after loaded

Is there a way to remove a UIDataRecord after it has been loaded? I am looking to prevent that record from reloading when the page record changes. It appears UINetworkArguments is reloading the record associated with it whenever it detects changes in its bindings, but I can’t find a way to prevent this from happening - there is no reference to the UINetworkArguments associated with a UIDataRecord from the record itself.

I am looking to do something like this:

  dataSource.once('loaded', function () {
    // do stuff with the loaded data

    // remove the UIDataRecord/don't allow it to load again
    dataSource.set('component', null);
    dataSource.set('environment', null);


Can you describe the use case you are trying to achieve? Why do you need to remove the record?

There is a boolean field on the page ignorePageRecord. Does that help?

I have a KendoGrid component which creates + loads a dataSource based off the page record when a user checks one of the checkboxes on a row.

If a user were to navigate away and then visit the same page for a different record, the KendoGrid is populated with records that are related to that new record and any of the dataSources that were previously created should not be reloaded based off that record.