Remix type system


I want to remix some type system to create new functions but the remix is not working. With the type “DataLoadUploadLog”, I had this error after the provisioning:
' in "-remix-engie-mastermind-DataLoadUploadLog": Unknown remix module -type-DataLoadUploadLog in -remix-engie-mastermind-DataLoadUploadLog '

How can I get all the Type System which can be remixed ?
Or how can I check if I can remix a specific type-system ?



You can’t remix platform types. Today there is no easy api like type.isRemixable() [I have filed an enhancement request for that api]. Meanwhile, as a hack this api should be equivalent, but will break ‘soon’:

DataLoadUploadLog.moduleName().charCodeAt(0) != '-'

In the less ‘soon’ future, platform types will be remixable.

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We should have a separate package for platform types (types that correspond to the “server” repo).

Please do not use the hack in any code that you check in. Modules are going away and that will break when they do.



Ok I have it .
Thank you for the answer !