Remix parametric type behavior


I have a parametric type defined in a base package, let’s say:

type MyParametricType

I have types TypeA and TypeB that mix MyParametricType:
entity type TypeA mixes MyParametricType
entity type TypeB mixes MyParametricType

Now let’s suppose I want to remix MyParametricType in a customer package:

remix type MyParametricType

Are TypeA and TypeB going to fall back on the remixed version of MyParametricType or do I need to specifically remix TypeA and TypeB as well?



I don’t think you will need to remix TypeA and TypeB, did you try to add a new field in your remixed MyParametricType and see if it becomes visible in these two types?



I was trying to change the python runtime environment on remix of MyParametricType and this new runtime did not show up on TypeA and TypeB.