Reference field with calc

I have a hierarchical type and am using the HierarchyDenorm to assist with this. It works great but we have a calc field that references the “root” within the hierarchy as below:

entity type DFUNSPSC schema name "DF_UN_SPSC" {
    name: string
    denormUnspsc: [DFUNSPSCHierarchyDenorm](to)
    activeUnspsc: DFUNSPSC calc "denormUnspsc.(isRoot=='true').from"

The problem is I am unable to do the following query:

DFUNSPSC.fetch({ include: "" })

The query itself doesn’t fail but it never returns the name of the activeUnspsc, only the ID. I have seen this before and am wondering if it has to do with the fact that it is a calc and not a stored calc. Is this a bug and it should work or is that working as intended and I should modify it to be a stored calc?

@brett.thompson Can you make it a stored calc for now and file a ticket? I don’t recall if read-calcs were supposed to (or even can) be traversed like this.

Here is the ticket:

I will use a stored calc for now. Once the ticket is update with your findings I’ll update this post as well.