Recommendations on exporting to Redshift


I’m looking for a way to export data into Redshift. After looking for examples, I’m still not sure how I can do this but it seems that:

  • For the metric data, will probably use MetricResultExportJob.

  • For non-timeseries data I’m currently considering the following two steps procedure:
    2.1. Use the Export or Extract (not sure what is the difference between the two) API to move data from C3 to S3;
    2.2. Use the exportDataForRedShift from Persistable to push the data into Redshift.

Is this the right way to do it? are there an alternative way that is recommended?
Is there a way to put data straight to Redshift without an intermediate step?

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Regarding the second point, I do not know a direct way to put data straight to Redshift. I think it is in two steps.

  1. Please use Export to export data from C3 to S3.
  2. Please use the following command in RedShift
    copy <table_name> from ‘s3://<bucket_name>/<object_prefix>’

More Info could be found at:

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Thanks @jiayang, I tried to use exportDataForRedShift on TenantConfig (which is mixes Persistable) as follows

var filterStr = Filter.eq(1, 1)
var spec = {
  s3Bucket: S3.bucketName(),
  filePath: "sample_filter",
  include: "id, name",
  filter: filterStr

But I was hitting by the following error in the response:

  "id" : "4234.904096",
  "key" : "",
  "cause" : { },
  "template" : "{}",
  "parameters" : [ "wrapped NullPointerException", "null", "java.lang.NullPointerException" ],
  "codes" : [ "NotClassified" ]


Bachir, did you ever get a followup here? CAT would like to try out this functionality.



Hi Udit, no I’m having this error on 7.2 and on 7.6 so I ended up making a mapreduce that does this seem thing:


  1. call evalMetrics with a collection of ids and expressions
  2. save the metric evaluation result to S3


  1. connect to redshift
  2. execute copy command with the paths from map phase

With snowflake the reduce phase is even easier as they provide a REST api for uploading files.



I keep getting NPEs, can someone else help? how do you call this correctly or where is there a good example?

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Did you try the export API, here is an example:

var typeName = 'Facility';
var count = (c3Type(typeName).fetchCount()/1000) + 1
var prefix = ["migration","yyyyMMddhhmmss"), typeName, "part"].join("/");
return BatchExportSpec.make({
  numFiles       : count,
  numObjPerFile  : 1000,
  deleteExisting : true,
  limit          : -1,
  contentType    : "application/json",
  targetType     : {typeName: typeName},
  targetPath     : prefix
var job = Export.startExport(spec);