Real time stream of data

I have a real time stream of incoming data (e.g., through a NATS broker). Is it possible to access the stream through an external type to feed real time ML pipelines?

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@matteo.amadei today we have integrations from various external Queue/Stream systems, like Kafka, Kinesis, Aws Sqs, and Azure EventHub. Enhancements may be required for an integration to NATS so that we can integrate in real time the streams to be passed to ML pipelines.

If I’m reading this correctly, C3 can subscribe to a JMS queue, dequeue a message, and act on that message including loading the payload into a type. Correct?

You are reading it correctly. Our preference is to use any other streaming technology than JMS. Apache Kafka, AWS Kinesis and Sqs, and Azure Event Hubs are preferred streaming brokers.