Queue Priority Management

When a new application is deployed, how are its jobs priority set initially or by default? Is the priority at the tag level, or tenant level or cluster level? Do you have to set priority by each job or can you set by application? I can see the maintenance effort to be huge if priority always has to be managed at job level.

Welcome Shen!

The short answer is that queues can have priority, and also jobs can have priority and also job ENTRIES can have priority. I believe that tenant/tags share the queues equally (round robin entries).

You should start by reading the “invalidation-queues” doc (start from /static/console, click help -> documentation, click “topics” then find “Invalidation Queues” on the left hand side).

That doc has links to other documentation topics and type documentation for the specific queues. Please do post back if you have further questions.

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