Purpose of Tag Rebuilds


What actions does a Tag Rebuild do, and when should it be performed?



For instance to trigger normalization after uploading data.



If you look at the documentation for Tag.rebuild which should lead you to the docs for TagRebuildSpec, you will see all of the options available (e.g. storedCalcs, hierarchies, and analytics).

In some circumstances, such as when loading massive datasets, you might decide to improve performance of the dataload by pausing the invalidation queues so that all compute power is focused on loading data. In this case, asynchronous tasks will still be queued up (but not processed yet) so that when the dataload is finished, you can resume the queues and no work will be left undone—however, some compute is still spent keeping track of what work needs to be done as a result of the dataload (e.g. which stored calc fields on which objects need to be refreshed). If performance is still an issue, there is also the option of completely disabling async processing, and in that case you would need to manually trigger a Tag.rebuild to make up for all the work that you ignored during the dataload.

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