Provisioner multiples package at the same time


Hi to all!

I have a database with multiple schemas so I have created a Package for each schema. Now, I have a folder called C3 with the repository.json. Inside this folder I have one folder aditional for wach package, each one with the package.json. So, resuming:

-> repository.json
-> Package1
-> Package2
-> …
-> Packagen

When I tried to provision from C3 environment I need to put:
-> Tenant. Here I put my tenant name.
-> Tag. Here I put my tag name.
-> Package. Here I tried several options (blank, same as tenant, same as packagei, etc).

After provisioning all the types, when I type from console c3ImportAll no types are added.

Which is the procedure to provision multiples packages?

Thanks a lot!!



You need to think in terms of package dependencies. If you want to provision Packageen, but ALSO include the types in Package1 and Package2, then you will need to make sure that Packageen “depends on” Package1 and Package2

In Packageen/package.json, make sure there is a dependencies field. The package.json should look something like this:

  name: "Packageen",
  author: "es4403...",
  dependencies: ["Package1", "Package2"]

Also, when you’re selecting the folder in the file selector (I assume you’re using the ui provisioner?) make sure that you’re selecting the folder containing the repository.json file,