Provision Lock while deploying to my tag


I’m trying to provision to my tag and there is a 503 while the deployment is in progress and I’m seeing “{fileUrl:“meta://caterpillar-c3/****/package.json”,lineNum:0,colNum:0,severity:“ERROR”,message:“node ****.dev-03-use1.internal: Invalid state of ProvisionLock while deploying to tenant **** tag MYTagName!\n”}” next time onwards while i’m trying to provision. This is same even i try to do a reset. How to deploy my tag with latest code?



after 503, before provisioning again, Can you see if the previous provisioning action is still in progress,
Cluster.actionDump() and see Tag.deploy is running.
or You can do ProvisionLock.isLocked(c3Context().tenant, c3Context().tag, true ), to see if the lock is still in place.